An introduction to tesla motors an american automotive and energy storage company

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Tesla (automobile)

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In the month of June 29,Tesla Motors surprised many by being the first American Company to launch an IPO since the Ford Motor Company initial public offer. Tesla offered million shares at the price of $1 which less than the initial offer of $ Tesla Motors, Inc.

SWOT Analysis Tesla Motors, Inc. is an automobile company designing, manufacturing, and selling electric vehicles and energy storage products. Founded in and led by CEO Elon Musk, the company’s mission is, “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.”.

To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, Tesla also manufactures a unique set of energy solutions, Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof, enabling homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

Tesla’s stock has gone up 10 times in the last 5 years which is a wonderful performance for an unprofitable company. It’s very difficult to calculate the future cash flows, but factoring in increased competition hardly justifies the current market capitalization.

An introduction to tesla motors an american automotive and energy storage company
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