An introduction to the virus of influenza

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Introduction to viruses

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The A, B, and C of influenza virus

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Jun 26,  · Avian Influenza: Brief Background. The term "avian influenza" is used to describe influenza A subtypes that primarily affect chickens, turkeys, guinea fowls, migratory waterfowl, and. Before the development of cell culture, many viruses were propagated in embryonated chicken eggs.

Today this method is most commonly used for growth of influenza virus. The excellent yield of virus from chicken eggs has led to their widespread use in research laboratories and for vaccine production.

Barclay's introduction to influenza came in New York, USA, where she spent a couple of years at the then Mount Sinai School of Medicine working for Peter Palese who was eager to apply the kind of techniques Barclay had learned at Reading.

1. Introduction. Influenza viruses are an important cause of respiratory tract infections and responsible for 3–5 million clinical infections and ,–, fatal cases annually (Stohr,WHO, b).Infections with influenza virus evoke host immune responses which result ultimately in abortion of virus replication.

Type B Influenza: Introduction. Type B Influenza: Type B influenza is a subtype of the influenza virus that tends to occur sporadically - can cause epidemics but not pandemics. Influenza is viral respiratory infection. The virus is very contagious and can cause severe illness especially in patients who are very young or old or have some.

Economic guidance. National governments require economic data on the burden of influenza disease, the cost effectiveness of the vaccine, and the projected implementation costs of a maternal influenza immunization programme in their country in order to inform the allocation of limited resources and prioritization of interventions in the health sector.

An introduction to the virus of influenza
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The A, B, and C of influenza virus